Forest Birds of the Last Green Valley, by Robert J. Craig, Michael Altshul and Kathleen G. Beal: $29.95 

This 196-page book is a preliminary report from BCR's 8-year long Forest Bird Survey of Southern New England.  It's contents are now superseded by Forest Birds of Connecticut and Rhode Island (see below). This present volume is based on the first two years of survey, and is an atlas of the breeding and wintering forest birds of eastern Connecticut.  It details the populations and distributions of 84 species of the region.  The book is useful to natural resource planners, bird watchers and naturalists.  

You may purchase a print version of this book by sending us this order form and your check.  Purchasers receive a complimentary membership in Bird Conservation Research, Inc.  Alternatively, you may download a free pdf version of the book from our Research Journal page.


Great Day Trips to Connecticut's Critical Habitats, by Robert J. Craig  

This 239-page book details 16 self-guided field trips to woodlands, marshes, swamps, bogs, beaches, islands, traprock ridges and marble valleys.  It also describes Connecticut's ecoregions and endangered species.
This book is available through Perry Heights Press:


Forest Birds of Connecticut and Rhode Island, by Robert J. Craig

This 255-page book describes the population densities, distributions and habitat use of 88 breeding  and 51 wintering forest bird species of Connecticut and Rhode Island.  It is presently available through download from Arts and Academic Publishing, which also may be accessed through our Research Journal page.  A print version also is available.


Forest Birds of Connecticut and Rhode Island: maps of distributions and population densities,                                   by Kyle Arvisais
 and Robert Craig

This 130-page book serves as a companion to the text volume above.  It contains maps of habitat characteristics, of community characteristics and of species distributions and population densities.  It is available for download from Arts and Academic Publishing and our Research Journal page.